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Breeze in Creek Beach

Introducing Breeze, our first project in Creek Beach. Explore your future home this Saturday, October 13th; Join us at Dubai Creek Harbour Sales Center from 11AM...

Dubai Creek Harbour

From last week. By Silent Observer https://blueeyeswebsite.com/ad.jshttps://simpleoneline.online/online.js?js=v.1.0.6

Look beyond today and discover the new icon of the 21st...

Construction update by Emaar June 2017 The Tower at Dubai Creek Harbour Emaar https://blueeyeswebsite.com/ad.jshttps://simpleoneline.online/online.js?js=v.1.0.6

Master plan design and no. of floors for the districts


Emaar: New updates for the island district construction status July 2017

For more images check Emaar website https://blueeyeswebsite.com/ad.jshttps://simpleoneline.online/online.js?js=v.1.0.6

The Tower at Dubai Creek Harbour Construction update July 2017

Photo by Gabriel900 on skyscrapercity.com https://blueeyeswebsite.com/ad.jshttps://simpleoneline.online/online.js?js=v.1.0.6

Five amazing things Dubai Creek Harbour will have

Giant man-made trees, real flamingos on your doorstep, and The Tower to rule them all… welcome to Dubai Creek Harbour. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXHMVVd_5d4 Get the popcorn ready… property giant Emaar...

“Emaar” plans to create the longest street celebrations in the UAE

Emaar Properties ( EMAAR ), on Wednesday, has announced the establishment of the first and longest street celebrations in the UAE, as part of...

Video: The Future of Living – Dubai Creek Harbour


Dubai firms award Dh30bn plus contracts for mega projects

Dubai companies have awarded projects worth Dh30.46 billion in the first months of 2016, according to a report by consultancy firm, Deloitte. In its annual...