Five amazing things Dubai Creek Harbour will have

Five amazing things Dubai Creek Harbour will have

Giant man-made trees, real flamingos on your doorstep, and The Tower to rule them all… welcome to Dubai Creek Harbour.

Get the popcorn ready… property giant Emaar has just released a new video of its Dubai Creek Harbour development, and it’s a soft-focused, lens flare-soaked delight.

The aspirational two-minute clip, titled “The Future of Living”, offers a glimpse into what the Dhs3.65 billion suburb will look like. And we like what we see.

We’ve examined this video with the critical eye of a billionaire real estate mogul and identified the neighbourhood’s top five features.

1. More nature than you can shake a selfie stick at

Situated on the banks of the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary, you will count flamingos among your neighbours. You will be surrounded by greenery, with plenty of opportunities to stop and smell the Japanese cherry blossoms.

2. And plenty of man-made marvels, too

What Mother Nature can’t provide, man certainly can. Dubai Creek Harbour seems to have taken a leaf or two out of Singapore’s garden, with what appears to be a grove of giant man-made trees. More info